A Naval Action Clan

Thank you for your interest in [USNA] United States Naval Academy

We are a combat training clan. Our primary focus is to work with new players and bring them up to speed in all aspects of the game. Additionally, veteran players can benefit from our advanced tactics training program. Many ships are initially provided by the clan to help the new player get started, but soon you may want to craft your own ships & level up your crafting xp. We can help you with this as well.

Our clan does not place demands on or require it's members to contribute resources or funds to the clan, however, those who do will receive additional benefits.

As we all know, once a clan captures a port the real expense of building the improvements begins. These range from basic & exotic resources to defense platforms and ship bonuses. Those who contribute to the team effort of building these improvements receive benefits in the form of port bonus ships. These ships will be provided to the member at no cost, in most cases. Some ships require additional costs to craft such as permits or crafting doubloons and these we expect the member to provide. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please fill out and submit your application below or contract the recruitment officer.


Shane Waldron, Officer 

To Apply

click on the discord button to join our discord channel to talk to the players.  Discord is required for fleet operations.  Or send an in-game email to one of the listed officers. You can also fill out the form on the Members page.

There is a reCaptcha in our server discord you must complete (this helps reduce spam in our channel).  Thank you.

Owned Ports 

Saint Mary's



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